Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Information Management Center of Excellence For the U2 Database Community

Our pedigree

Our director was once employed by the major Australian software vendor from which many U2 applications were spawned. From those roots in the 1980's through to the present day, he provides us with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience in the challenges you now face. After a long career in U2 applications, he chose data warehousing and business intelligence as his next challenge. He has worked at Certus Solutions for a number of years honing his skills. Over recent, years, he found himself caught, like you, in the gap between relational database specialists and the post-relational technology. 

UniLibre was formed to fill this void.



To assist U2 customers make best use of their business data.


To provide U2 data extraction and information management expertise using industry standard tools and best practice methodology to enable U2 customers who wish to access their business information from outside the U2 environment. To then provide “outside U2” capabilities that supports strategic imperatives and improves business performance.

UniLibre welcomes you to your new world of information opportunities