Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Achieving Business Intelligence with mulit-valued data ?

Proper BI is much more than an application reporting suite, it spans your enterprise and addresses a higher use-case. It does not follow that it is too expensive or out-of-reach for U2 clients with multi-valued data.

UniLibre are experts in information management and naturally, we get asked to help clients with the reporting phases of projects. What we have found is that many clients have an existing BI strategy with significant investment in tools and knowledge. Rather than throw it all away, we engage with your team to formulate a successful model for business and information analytics.

Business Intelligence 2

To this end, we encourage you to research and consider our use of:

By applying our experience and forethought, you inherit a very real and pragmatic path forward at low risk and low cost. If you don't yet have an existing strategy or investment, fantastic! We would be glad to provide our expertise in this area.

Business Intelligence 3

Our teams and business partners are experts in TM1, CognosTableau, QlikView and CorVu. Due to the amazing acceptance of UniLibre in such a short time, we have built trusted relationships with business partners who also are experts in these tools. This way, client projects do not stall while waiting in a queue for attention. A sort of Plug and Play partner pool where you are the beneficiary. Proof again that everything we do is designed to set you free and not lock you into yet another vendor driven information experience.

UniLibre is your partner of choice for better information management and business intelligence. 

UniLibre welcomes you to your new world of information opportunities