Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Information Management Center of Excellence For the U2 Database Community

The importance of the UniLibre process

It all starts with you. We recognise that you may have an NDA with your vendor which prevents you from disclosing the file layouts. We honour this by giving you the ability to map your data without having to write any dictionaries. So, to reduce cost and mitigate risk, you are tasked to identify the U2 data required for extraction. We supply a data mapping template that you can use with any text editor or spreadsheet to maintain your data maps. You don't need to disclose your file layouts.

The Process 2

Based on your maps, UniLibre's Data Extraction Engine accesses data held in your UniData or UniVerse (U2) databases. By using IBM's Infosphere DataStage, your data is passed through our proprietary algorithm and is then loaded into a relational database, normalised. You see the sense in it all when you "name" your data according to business use, rather than a set of application screen prompts. Once your data is landed, we adopt the MIKE 2.0 methodology to transform and re-shape the data through a proper DV2.0 data layer before presenting your data in your own, world best-practice, Kimball standard star schemas (data marts).

The Process 3

By harnessing liberated U2 data, you are now able to engage enterprise wide data warehousing and BI/BA as opposed to departmental reporting tranches. This also yields access to a global pool of standards-based technologies, techniques and personnel.

The UniLibre approach may appear long-sighted and broad in vision yet it is an affordable, enabling platform for information management initiatives such as:
  • Data Security
  • Reference and Master Data Management
  • Enterprise Metadata Management
  • Data Quality and Survivorship
  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Data Warehousing
  • BI reporting
  • BA and Data Mining 

UniLibre is NOT a reason to leave the multi-valued paradigm. It is a value-adding platform that embraces the wisdom in your decision to be a U2 client. Simply, it brings accessibility to global tool-sets, technologies, techniques and personnel.

  • It is not a series of BASIC programs that build csv files for database imports.
  • It is not a process of building dictionaries then capturing query outputs.
  • It is not an ODBC view into your database, these can become costly and difficult to maintain.

It IS a scalable, agile approach, reflecting the methodologies 
of global information management industry best-practice. 

The Process 4

The extraction of data can be scheduled to run overnight or as required during the day, or both. Take the data you need now then come back to take more in another project or when your vendor changes the file layouts.
You can keep your warehousing strategy focused because you don't have to pay to extract more data when you need more! This gives you the ability to take an agile approach to enterprise data warehousing. 

UniLibre welcomes you to your new world of information opportunities